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Tips for Improving Webside Manner

The way you interact with patients is critical in determining your success as a physician. Approaching your patients with a compassionate and supportive attitude, whether in-person or remotely, ensures a positive patient-doctor relationship and better health outcomes. Remote communication can get lost in translation easily if you’re not intentional about…

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Different Types of CME Activities for All Learners

There are many different ways advanced healthcare providers can earn continuing medical education credits to maintain, develop and improve their knowledge, skills and performance in the field. A variety of CME types provides engaging educational opportunities for all types of learners. Let’s explore the different types of CME activities available…

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Implementing Telehealth in Primary Care

While home-based healthcare has been around for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly progressed the use of telemedicine in primary care. In an effort to cut down on in-person visits, primary care physicians’ offices are transitioning to patient support through telephone- and video-based care. Are you ready to integrate telemedicine…

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Uncovering the Long-Term Effects of COVID

While most people with COVID-19 return to normal health, some patients may have post COVID symptoms that last for weeks, months or sometimes longer after recovery. Non-hospitalized and mild COVID-19 cases can even experience persistent or late symptoms. It’s still unclear how many people experience ongoing symptoms. Studies are currently…

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