Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A



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Access to five one-hour videos recorded from our live conference sessions featuring experienced practicing clinicians.

pem vol1a icons febrile - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Approach to Febrile Infants and Toddlers
Jeff Seiden, MD
pem vol1a icons head injuries - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Head Injuries in the Pediatric Patient
Jeff Seiden, MD
pem vol1a icons appendicitis - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis of Appendicitis in Childhood
Mark Joffe, MD
pem vol1a icons errors - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Medical Errors in Pediatrics
Mark Joffe, MD
pem vol1a icons poison - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Pediatric Poisonings
Mark Joffe, MD

An online learner journal to record your progress and post-seminar reflections.

pem vol1a icons case reflections - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A
Document two text-based point of case reflections per video to validate your learning experience instead of traditional testing.

About Pediatric Emergency Medicine Vol 1A

This course is designed for pediatric emergency physicians, family practitioners, nurses and other clinicians who practice in urgent care or emergency departments. These healthcare professionals confront high-risk conditions and demanding cases daily in their medical practice. Routinely upgrading medical understanding, proficiency and conduct in these situations can help these healthcare professionals reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and provide optimal care to pediatric patient populations.


Establish an approach to assess and administer care to pediatric patients presenting with diverse conditions in emergency settings.

Integrate proper strategies to identify and treat rare pediatric conditions.

About Reflective Learning

Studies have shown that clinicians are more likely to commit to change through active learning techniques like reflective learning. At the conclusion of each video, you will be asked to complete two text-based reflections through critical and applied thinking insights you gained during the videos. Your responses will be saved, analyzed and validated through CMEfy’s AI-powered learner journal, rewarding you with 1 CE credit per video (up to 5 CE credits per bundle).

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