Take Control of Your CME Credits

Want to earn your CME credit at home or on the go – without having to take a test? Now you can. Gain up to 5 CE credits with each of our new Reflective Video Learning Bundles powered by CMEfy.

How Our Bundles Work

Every bundle features five one-hour seminars presented by accomplished clinicians in their designated field and an online learner journal. Rather than taking an exam at the end of each bundle, you will provide two point of care text-based reflections after each video to validate your learning experience. These reflections will ask you to consider the content you watched and give thought to how this information applies to the challenges you face in your day-to-day practice. You will be rewarded with CE credits by saving these reflections in your learner journal.

Your Credits, Your Way

Our Video Learning Bundles give you the freedom and flexibility to earn the credits you need the way you want to learn them. Self-paced and self-directed, our bundles give you the chance to complete required CME credits and learn meaningful, relevant material through critical and applied thinking according to your schedule.

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