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The Florida Destinations Perfect for CME Conferences

Florida CME destinations make for the perfect conference environment. With plenty of things to do, see and experience, conference guests receive the added value of a great destination with the enrichment of a conference. Florida conferences are available all year and can offer premium accommodations paired with local attractions and popular activities.

With the gulf coast, The Keys and central Florida all within several hundred miles of one other, Florida is a marquee conference destination overall. A few locations stand out where practitioners can make the most of their CME experience.

St. Pete Beach

Warmly referred to as “St. Pete” by locals and visitors fond of this location, St. Pete is an immensely popular CME destination. It’s easy to see why with its pristine beaches and local attractions. A world of recreational options is open to those who leave their afternoons free by choosing mornings-only conferences. St. Pete is great for year-round travel, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities such as scuba diving, shopping and renowned seafood restaurants. The Hilton Garden Inn is a gem of the region’s accommodation options, with rooms facing the beach on one of Florida’s most beautiful coastlines.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is a popular vacation destination, with its white sand beaches, emerald green waters and eclectic vibe. Nicknamed the “City of Five Flags” because of its history, first as a colony under three different nations and later as a city under the Southern Confederacy. For contemporary travelers, this creates an eclectic setting to explore and experience Florida’s unique culture. Pensacola’s downtown area features shops, art galleries and other cultural attractions. Travel guides recommend visiting Pensacola between early September and late October if you want to avoid crowds.

Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach is known to be a family-friendly and low-key vacation destination, making it great for conferences. For conference-goers who love the outdoors, Deerfield Beach is home to a number of nature preserves and conservation areas including Deerfield Heights Nature Preserve, Military Trail Natural Area and Highlands Scrub Natural Area great for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Head to Deerfield Beach to watch the surfers or get in on the fun at the nearby volleyball courts. For those looking for a more relaxing conference, walk the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk, fish or take a trip to the aquarium!

Duck Key

Duck Key, a secluded island in the Florida Keys, is an adventure for conference-goers. The island’s main hotel is renowned but staying there can be outside many budgets, leaving less for destination exploration. Still, Duck Key is a magical place where dolphins regularly greet guests and conferences are held in an exclusive environment.

Due to the island’s small size, many of its restaurants and shops are seaside, where conference-goers can soak up the sun while shopping or dining on fine seafood.