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Interview with Rick Scott – Why CME Seminars?

In a recent interview with Rick Scott, CEO of CME Seminars, we learned how this company is different. It has been designed for busy medical professionals from the start.

Q. How did you become interested in continuing medical education?

A. With a background in finance and operations, I was asked to run another CME company out of New York. Once I started working to help medical professionals stay up to date on the latest advances in their field, I was hooked. I immediately set out to improve opportunities for medical professionals to continue to develop and learn. I knew I wanted to be part of the ecosystem that helps physicians, PAs and NPs help their patients even more than they do already.

Q. What made you decide to start CME Seminars?

A. In five years of running the other CME company, I had the opportunity to speak with many medical professionals. I found three consistent themes in our discussions: stressful jobs, difficulty fitting in required continuing education and not much time to spend with family. I wanted to take a different approach.

In 2017 my wife Ruthie and I moved to Sarasota and fell in love with the Gulf Coast beaches, the arts, the gardens, the museums and the charm that the region had to offer. We knew this would be the perfect place to invite clinicians to unwind after a morning of stimulating education.

We want our busy medical professionals to “Learn. Relax. Recharge.” Our programs allow attendees ample time to spend with their families, enjoying the beach and so many other activities together. So, they go home feeling more refreshed as well as equipped with new learnings they can apply in their practices.

Q. What’s your plan for the future of CME Seminars?

A. Looking ahead to the next 10 years, we are creating a CME company that partners with its attendees for the long run. We want medical professionals to come enjoy the beauty of the Tampa Bay and St. Pete Beach area; connect with their family and colleagues; and receive interesting, quality continuing medical education – year after year.

We want to help clinicians make sure they are ready to meet the challenges of the day, armed with new information that can improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs and provide balance in their lives. We are always looking for new leaders in the industry to speak at our conferences, but at the same time, we maintain speaker continuity so that you can hear more from the speakers you love year after year.

Q. What do you hope to achieve that other companies in your industry can’t?

A. Many conferences are all business with boring presentations, packed schedules and little or no downtime. Many are sponsored by commercial interests and not focused on the practitioner. They’re impersonal and unfriendly.

We are changing that. We are going above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. With beautiful locations, smart scheduling and leading speakers from across the US and Canada, we want you to leave our conferences refreshed and recharged.

Q. What are the mission, vision and values of CME Seminars?

A. At CME Seminars, our mission is to provide the best possible CME experience for physicians and advanced practitioners designed to improve healthcare in the US. We do this by combining high-quality continuing medical education with reflection and relaxation. We want you to return to the field a refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully prepared provider!

At CME Seminars we value:

  • Customer Commitment – We develop programs that make a positive difference in our attendees’ lives and the lives of their patients.
  • Quality – Our faculty and their presentations will be / are among the best in the industry providing learnings that improves patient care and saves lives.
  • Teamwork – We work together with our faculty, our business partners and our attendees to make sure we meet the needs of every customer.
  • Respect for People – We value our attendees, our faculty, our employees and their thoughts, beliefs and opinions.
  • Honesty – We will treat everyone with honesty, truth and integrity.

Q. If there was one thing you wanted people to know about attending a CME Seminars event, what would that be?

A. At CME Seminars, you are the reason we are holding the event. Your complete satisfaction is the most important factor for us.