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CME Credits

Choosing the Right CME Provider for You

While a large volume of resources discuss ways to spend CME money, there aren’t as many helping you decide who to spend your CME money with—and why. The following is an overview of the criteria you should consider when choosing a CME provider.

When you’re finished here, keep reading with our resource on choosing a CME activity.


The CME industry is comprised of over 1,600 accredited organizations dedicated to providing high-value CME activities. The ACCME itself does not accredit individual activities but rather, accredits those who plan, produce and distribute CME activities. Each provider goes through a rigorous accreditation process qualifying them to supply accredited CME materials. That process includes multiple applications, interviews and substantial documentation on an organization’s direction, leadership and quality control processes. Then, once an organization is accredited, it goes through a renewal process every four to six years.

Accreditation means a provider has met important ethical and procedural guidelines regarding its ability to ensure the CME activities it provides represent only the most topical, scientifically supported, and accurate medical information available. This should be your number one criterion when selecting a CME provider.

Customer Service

The CME industry has gone through several evolutions over the years. CME was once the purview of small groups of in-house professionals at medical facilities educating their workforces but has grown into a thriving industry full of quality educational offerings.

CME providers continued to evolve at the onset of COVID-19 when companies adapted with more remote education options to meet the needs of practitioners who couldn’t travel but are required to complete CME requirements. Some providers began offering improved customer service and cancellation policies that more adequately reflect today’s healthcare and travel environments.

From expanding access to high-quality CME webinars to an industry-leading cancellation policy, CME Seminars has consistently worked to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Understand Practitioner Needs

Through practitioner surveys, attendance numbers, and regular conversations with stakeholders, CME providers should continuously evaluate the quality of the experiences they provide. This means committing to what works long-term and quickly eliminating what doesn’t.

Our lineup of conference topics reflects the most meaningful and relevant issues in primary care today. Subject matters are intended to reflect a changing healthcare environment that will require adapting to complex challenges like closing emergency rooms, doctor shortages, and a changing primary care scope of practice so practitioners remain prepared for what comes next.

Outstanding Medical Educators

To practitioners, the phrase “accredited CME provider” means a source of CME credits, but CME providers can be a wide range of diverse and, increasingly, interdisciplinary organizations. However, the primary mission of any CME provider is to connect practitioners to knowledgeable educators who want to pass on their expertise through CME curriculums.

It is therefore important companies like CME Seminars find and recruit top presenters who demonstrate the highest levels of advanced medical knowledge and professionalism. In an information technology age, we believe nothing can replace the live conference experience and the learning fostered among groups of conference attendees led by distinguished presenters.

Seamless CME Experience

For different CME providers, this can mean different things. For those who provide online CME, a seamless experience includes the technology required to deliver a great customer experience. For those who provide live medical seminars, conferences are about organizing a world-class event where practitioners can feel comfortable and engaged.

For us, this starts with incredible Florida conference destinations known for white sand beaches and relaxing milieu. Venues are selected for their location and convenience, elevating your conference experience into a vacation. We also work with conference venues directly to provide room block booking for a discounted stay.

For those interested in attending conferences, a conference schedule accommodating a desire to explore the destination is also key. CME Seminars offers half-day CME conferences to ensure you have ample time to grow professionally and personally. Relax, network and make new friends surrounded by the beauty of Florida with CME Seminars.

Helps Practitioners with Reporting and Documentation

While tools like the ACCME’s Passport and PARS system reporting are more simplified than just a few years ago, reporting is still high-stakes for practitioners whose licenses depend on it. Professional organizations like the American Medical Association are working to provide clinicians with a secure digital profile that can document and verify credentials instantly.

CME Seminars is here to help you meet your reporting needs, collecting and securely storing the data required by the ACCME so any interested parties can verify your CME participation with your consent. We can help you fill out the necessary forms and, in some cases, validate your participation automatically. Plus, our online storage and tracking application, CertStore is designed to help you stay organized so you always know where your CME documentation can be found.