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What to Look for in Companies Offering CME Activities

There are a lot of companies providing CME activities. It can be hard to know which to choose. But a CME company that provides great customer service, in-demand courses and great travel CME destinations makes all the difference in meeting annual CME requirements. These criteria foster a sense of trust, confidence and enjoyment from pursuing cme credits by travel, online or live-stream webinar. Consider these when choosing where to purchase your next CME activities.

Accredited Activities

Accreditation is performed by professional medical organizations in tandem with the primary CME governing body, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). It is a formal process of vetting and verifying the quality and educational value of a course, conference or other activity. Accreditation indicates a high level of quality and should be a top consideration when selecting CME.

For a CME activity to be accredited, it must be planned, implemented and evaluated by a ACCME accredited provider in accordance with the ACCME’s Accreditation Criteria, Standards for Commercial Support, and other accreditation requirements.

Wide Variety of Topics

A goal of a top CME company should be to make earning credits easy and worthwhile to practitioners across medicine. CME Seminars carries popular conferences in internal and emergency medicine as well more specialized topics like pediatrics and endocrinology. Our conferences are accredited for multiple healthcare positions including nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors.

Travel conferences, online courses and live webinars are about learning and growing as a practitioner. Conferences and courses are designed by highly-regarded practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. Conference curriculum is mornings-only and jam-packed with up-to-date and highly relevant information your patients can benefit from. Options like Women’s Health, Emergency Medicine and Primary Care – Pediatrics survey a range of topics practitioners want to know more about.

More Ways to Learn

We get it. Sometimes, needing to earn credits is a hassle. Travel restrictions made it hard to attend conferences and the changing requirements in some states made it hard to know what was expected of you. CME Seminars strives to offer a range of ways to easily and conveniently earn credit.

Earn credit more ways with our online courses, travel seminars and webinars designed to help meet your immediate CME credit needs and long-term educational goals. Online courses are on-demand and can be accessed from almost anywhere and can be completed on your own time. Webinars are interactive and live-streamed during conference sessions for a complete learning experience.

Top Travel Destinations

Over our years in business, CME Seminars has provided Florida conference destinations with the best amenities, activities and locations. Destinations have included St. Pete Beach, Pensacola and Deerfield Beach.

Locations like these can help make an adventure out of your next travel CME experience. Conference itineraries are mornings-only, leaving you time to make the most the afternoons with colleagues, family or as a solo traveler. Each destination has pristine white sand beaches, beautiful sunny weather and satisfying amenities.

Unique and Helpful Features

CME Seminars is an established provider of continuing medical education options. We strive to meet the needs of every learner while providing the highest-quality experience anywhere. This high-quality experience extends beyond education to support practitioners in a range of goals.

In our latest effort to meet your needs, CME Seminars has released CertStore. This secure vault was designed with the busy practitioner in mind to help save time managing your annual CME requirements and documentation. An easy-to-use tool, CertStore provides backup if you need to find or duplicate a record of CME activities. A handy credit calculator is also included to accurately track progress towards your annual CME goals.

CertStore not only helps you manage documentation but is a complete CME solution. Earning CME credits is an opportunity. An opportunity to travel, learn and minimize stress. Some CME companies offer the bare minimum, leaving you to do more administrative leg work to manage your pursuit of CME credits. CME Seminars goes further, allowing you to manage more of your credit-earning experience with us.