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A message from the CEO

As we stabeach background 300x122 - A message from the CEOnd at the threshold of 2021 and look backward at 2020, it has been a very tough year for all, but especially for our healthcare heroes.  The personal risk and sacrifice, the long work hours, the emotional and physical toll of the past year were unprecedented in our lifetime.  God bless all of you.  Without your efforts the rest of us would not have come through this as we have.

At CME Seminars, we know that right now CME is probably the last thing on your mind.  There has been very little time in the past year to even think about it let alone complete it.  That’s where we come in. We have been busy working and planning accredited CME conferences designed to let you Learn. Relax. Recharge.  You may not be ready yet but you will be sometime this year and we have 5 day conferences planned in Sarasota and Fort Myers Florida that provide a nice breakfast, four hours of quality education in the morning and then time off to relax and recharge.  There is no place in the country like the Gulf Coast of Florida to enjoy the beaches, arts, music, theater, sunshine and of course complete your CME.

Your safety is our highest priority, so we are offering these conferences as webinars for those that don’t feel comfortable travelling yet and as live events for those that need to get away and are ready to relax and recharge and forget about 2020.  The choice is yours and we are trying to make it easy.  Our hotel partners are following CDC Guidelines in addition to their own brand guidelines to insure the safety of our attendees and staff as well.  In addition we are limiting the number of in person attendees and have changed our registration process to allow you to reserve one of the limited seats now and pay later.

Register for one of our conferences now and reserve your seat.  You have earned it!  You deserve to Learn. Relax. Recharge.

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Rick Scott / CEO