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Emerging Healthcare Trends to Look for in 2022

Emerging trends in healthcare look much different for 2022 than they looked in previous years due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is still very present in our lives. Even with positive momentum, medical practices have definitely been impacted in many ways as the world adjusts to this new normal.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare trends have changed over the last year or so due to protocols implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19. These new protocols have led to some intriguing healthcare trends that will shape how the future of medicine looks for both practitioners and patients.

Telemedicine Growth

Remote appointments and telemedicine have become the new normal when it comes to one-on-one patient care. Not only has this shown to be the safer route during the pandemic, it has proven to be an easier way for patients to access their medical team and their accounts. Instead of patients rushing to their doctor’s office or to an emergency room, they can connect with a professional through a portal or app first. This has proven to be a time saver and increased safety for providers and patients. Telemedicine has also helped collect more data for marketers and research teams when it comes to how well and how often patients are being treated.

Social Standards

Social and mobile technology continues to be one of the top emerging trends in healthcare when looking into 2022. Social media has become a helpful way for those in the medical field to quickly connect with more patients. More doctor’s offices and small practices are rushing to Facebook and Instagram to market up-and-coming products or new services. By posting consistently and utilizing ads on social media, practitioners are reaping the benefits of how social platforms can pull in new patients.

Well-Being Trends

People are always looking for the next big lifestyle or wellness trend. It looks like 2022 has some unique post-COVID wellness trends that medical professionals will also be educating themselves on.

Gut Health

The interest in gut health has already grabbed the attention of many because of the immunity-boosting ways you can support your body by focusing on what goes into it. The interest in prebiotics and probiotics will continue to skyrocket far into 2022 as the growth of digestive health diagnoses increases. Conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food intolerances to dairy and/or gluten are very serious struggles many are facing. Research has shown that focusing more on what you digest and how you treat your body lessens some mental health struggles as well as autoimmune conditions. Gut health recognition is definitely one of the health and wellness trends that 2022 will see more of.

Alternative Medicine

Though alternative medicine has been an ongoing point of interest for a decade, predictions show it will become one of the emerging trends in healthcare to look out for. During the height of COVID-19, thoughts revolving around sickness and how to safely and naturally heal came to the forefront.

More people want to use less medication and have turned to natural remedies, Eastern medicine and CBD products to help. The interest and usage of CBD increased dramatically in 2021 and is predicted to continue growing into the coming year. With CBD being added to soaps, oils and foods, more and more people are seeing and feeling the benefits. Between improving ailments such as inflammation, chronic pain and even touching upon mental illness, CBD and other natural remedies will only increase in popularity come 2022.